picture Panel Board
The Panel Board can be used together with the 128I/O to LAN converter, to transmit button signals and joystick position values to a host. The master device can switch on/off the illumination of one or more buttons on the Panel Board, so the user immediately gets a visual feedback. Up to two joysticks can be connected to the Panel Board. The positions are converted into analog signals from 0..10V. Addressing lines make sure that multiple Panel Boards can be operated independently of each other. 6 buttons and 2 joysticks are implemented in this version. However, it is possible to arrange up to 16 buttons and 2 joysticks on a Panel Board. Additional inputs for a dead man button or an emergency stop button are available as well as the possibility of controlling 2 independent illuminating displays.
  • supply voltage: 12VDC.

  • standby supply current: <5mA

  • dimensions: 148x43mm

  • mounting: 3 x M3

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master device unit:

panel board backside