picture of LED driver
This dimable LED driver is able to generate a configurable, constant output current of up to 350mA for one LED string with up to 7 LEDs in row. The hardware operates with supply voltages between 12VDC (up to 3 LEDs in a string) and 30VDC (up to 7 LEDs in a string). An over-temperature-protection is integrated as well as an undervoltage protection. The very small size of only 15x15mm gives no restrictions in mounting the PCB. The LED driver is also able of dimming the LEDs in the string between 100% down to 0%.
  • supply voltage: 12VDC..30VDC
  • const. output current: max. 350mA
  • nr of LEDs in a string: 1..7
  • external PWM dimable
  • overtemperatur protection
  • undervoltage protection
  • PCB dimensions LxW: 15x15mm
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LED driver