35mm NSK 35mm NST
These 35mm NST / NSK floor indicator is the low cost variation to the alphanumerical segment display. The indicator can be configured as a one column display and can be delivered with different colored modules. Because there is no space beneeth the moduls you are able to put them together to get a multicolumn display indicator. 16 free programmable characters can be activate with ACTIVE-HIGH or ACTIVE LOW signals directly from the PLC. The position of a jumper declares a binary or gray signal-coding. A DIP switch sets one out of 16 different table associations for floor counts. Each table consists of 16 different characters. With a PC programming software every character within any table can be reprogrammed.

  • Displayfunctions: static.

  • Input voltage: 24VDC.

  • Input current: < 80mA

  • PCB Size: 35x88mm or 35x65mm

  • mounting: 2xM3 screws
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