30mm ASA
These 30mm alphanumerical floor indicator displays driving directions and floor counts for elevators. The indicator can be configured as a one, two or three column display and can be delivered with RED or BLUE modules. 64 free programmable texts can be activate with ACTIVE-HIGH signals directly from the PLC. There are different signal-codings integrated (1 out of n, binary, graycode etc.). Setup is done with PC software via RS232, USB or Ethernet.
  • Displayfunctions: flashing, fading, static.
  • counts: 1,2,3 columns
  • colors: red, green, yellow, blue
  • Input voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC.
  • standby power: 0.3W
  • PCB Size: 87x74mm
  • mounting: 4 x M3 skrews
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Further segment displays:

1 column right
1 column left